3954 N Williams Ave 

Portland, OR 97227


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    Counseling & Therapy

    - Adults - Couples - Adolescents -

    In some ways traditional, in other ways, anything but… The next generation of mental health is both dynamic and empathetic. From the price structure to the delivery method – we are different. In the new therapy office, we find more empowering ways to frame mental health, leaving the medical model looking somewhat antiquated and discouraging – We favor the steering wheel firmly in front of the client. Whatever motivation brings you into the therapy office, let’s leverage that spark to create lasting change in your life. The deeply empathetic client-centered approach is still at the core of this new model. The upgrade is in where the progress stops – how “good” can you get? Is “better,” good enough? Let's continue to move towards great! Modern therapy has space for big-huge-goals, building a meditation practice, or reprogramming habits that should have been updated with the 2000 crash.  Change is available to everyone. Let’s stop limiting how good we can get.